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B-Roll: Curators of Sweden story

It’s been almost a year since Sweden became the first country in the world to hand over its official Twitter account, @Sweden, to ordinary citizens, attracting over 66,000 followers and generating massive media attention worldwide. “In order to bring people closer to Sweden, we wanted to step away from being the official spokespeople of Sweden and hand it to someone else, to have the conversation between real people” says Maria Ziv of VisitSweden, one of the organizers of the initiative, “Curators of Sweden”. The group of Curators and the organizers, the Swedish Institute and VisitSweden, met together for the first time last Friday in Stockholm to share experiences and talk about the next step in the initiative. Hailed as the world’s “most democratic Twitter account” Curators of Sweden has sparked discussions on transparency in social media, how a country can represent diversity in its communications, as well as inspired other countries to start similar “curated” accounts.